I would like to thank each and every one of you for picking and choosing SolidShellSecurity as your web hosting company. Like all providers we have our ups and downs. I wanted to take this time to personally thank you for picking and sticking with us through the hard times we had earlier this year. With the year coming to an e
nd I just wanted to let you know of some things that you can look forward to expecting over the course the next few months and into next year.

Firstly, we are making more changes to our shard hosting setups. We are planning to setup dedicated SSD drives for ALL our databases which will provide a massive huge increase in the performance and queries will run almost instantly, even the big ones. Your websites will be loading even faster! Almost instant as well! The changes will be day and night.

Secondly, we are going to be introducing a real business class hosting setup for higher-end clients. These packages will run on higher end servers and offer the same secure and stable CPanel setup. The only difference is the amount of resources and e-mails that you can use and send out will go even higher based on the package that you buy.

The plans will work and feel like a VPS. You can expect the resources of a VPS but a managed and secure setup so all you have to do is manage your website. We are still working out the details but there will either be 10 different package or we will create a slider and you design the package that you want based on the resources that you need. We are expecting to start the packages off around $10/mo and will range up to a few $100 a month for the higher resource packages.

Thirdly, we will be having a random drawing of some numbers here in the office and the picked numbers will be a client’s number. The reward will be having your invoice covered over the month of December if your client number is picked. We will be picking more than just one! At least 20 or 30 so your chances of winning will be high :)

Once again, thank you for picking SolidShellSecurity, LLC. Have a great holiday season and remember, SolidShellSecurity, LLC will have your website’s back. ;)

PS: Do you have ideas or feedback for us? Let us know =)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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