TAMPA, US - SolidShellSecurity, LLC A leader in IT services and web hosting has now released a new way for clients to remain protected for possible mistaken file deletion or loss with the ability to backup files, databases and more hourly to a specified remote location.

SolidShellSecurity, LLC's new hourly backup feature for hosting allows for backup of files and databases on an hourly basis. This idea was something developed for high-end clients like schools, eCommerce sites, billing/client systems, and others that are currently hosted which desired the ability to keep more up-to-date backups which allows for extra automated protection should a mistake happen and data needs to be recovered. The feature also includes the ability to specify a custom remote backup location which is client configurable.

Backups are kept incrementally and are achievable which allows you to restore any point in time.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

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