Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual server which shares a host system with other users, however it is completely isolated and secure and provides the opportunities and appearance of a dedicated server. Each VPS can be independently managed, rebooted and can have the operating system changed at any time. By being isolated from other users on the host system, full root access can be granted to the VPS, allowing for maximum flexibility in regards to administering your server, installing software and configuring applications.

About our servers

All of our servers run at least Dual Processors where each processor has at least 4 cores. We run full redundant NAS and SAN based storage to ensure each and every VPS node and server is properly protected. Our servers are also stocked with no less then 72GBs of RAM to ensure everyone gets their fair share of what they paid to use. We always ensure you have more then enough resources to spare for your quality projects. If you have any questions e-mail us at [email protected]

  • Basic VPS

    $30 /year
    • Full 16 Cores of CPU
    • 20GB Disk RAID-10
    • 128MB DDR3 ECC RAM
    • 256MB BURST/vCache
    • 200GB Bandwidth
    • Fully Managed
    • Monitoring for Server & Services

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  • Plus VPS

    $7 /month
    • Full 16 Cores of CPU
    • 30B Disk RAID-10
    • 256MB DDR3 ECC RAM
    • 512MB BURST/vCache
    • 500GB Bandwidth
    • Fully Managed
    • Monitoring for Server & Services

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  • Premium VPS

    $10 /month
    • Full 16 Cores of CPU
    • 50GB Disk RAID-10
    • 512MB DDR3 ECC RAM
    • 1024MB BURST/vCache
    • 1000GB Bandwidth
    • Fully Managed
    • Monitoring for Server & Services

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  • Business VPS

    $18 /month
    • Full 16 Cores CPU
    • 100GB Disk RAID-10
    • 1024 DDR3 ECC RAM
    • 2048 BURST/vCache
    • 2000GB Bandwidth
    • Fully Managed
    • Monitoring for Server & Services

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Let us setup, configure, secure, and manage your containers and take the stress and worries off of you.

Threat Protection

With our highest level firewalls, IDS and HIDS we keep your containers safe and protected from both known and unknown threats.

High-end Hardware

Forget that old end of life hardware. Let us run you on some of the most highest end hardware currently available.

Premium Network

Always up. Never down. We peer with the highest quality providers to ensure 100% network uptime.

Most affordable in their class

You won't find the same quality for a better price. We have specifically priced our quality to give you the best for the cheapest deal possible.

Government Grade Security

We don't skimp on security. When it comes to keeping your content, information, website, and more safe, we go all out!