Web Application Hardening Services

Worried about web attacks or threats from the internet aimed at your business on-line? Let us protect your web based applications including your website with our hardening services. Each of our services have been designed to protect your on-line infrastructure from the latest attacks keeping you safe and secure so you can sleep at night.

We support all types of 3rd party and in-house solutions. We can evaluate your current setup and advise to the best possible security settings and proceed to providing protection.

Below are our most common packages. Should you desire something more custom or sophisticated, please contact our sales teams.

Bot Block-stopper

With this service we will add a custom developed and maintained security list that contains a huge list of known and bad bots along with some other security features to help protect your site from attacks
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Bot Scapper/Scanner Blocker

With this service we will add custom code to your site and setup a system which will block bots and scripts that are scanning and looking to exploit your site.
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Site Injection Protector

With this service we will add a custom developed and maintained .htaccess file that is designed to protect your site again XSS, SQL and other based injection attacks.
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SPECIAL DEAL: Site Security Package 101

This includes all 3 of the services above!
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Quality Assured

  • Fast Support Responses
  • Tested and insured
  • Always updated to latest threats
  • Designed to protect
  • Minimizes fails positives
  • Less constraint problems
  • Always Running

    Never go down from web based attacks. Stay up and running securely.

  • Push Forward

    Stop remaining in the back. Take the steps required to focus on your website or business and let us do the technical issues.

  • Feel at Home

    We work to ensure everyone of our clients feels like they are at home and can have full trust with us.

  • Always Alert

    As a client you will always be alerted to the newest threats and remain patched against them.