About SolidShellSecurity, LLC

Our team is a group of professionals who have taken a great deal of pride in working with many clients from around the world. We also do work with several businesses and users who do not have active services with us to ensure their needs are met and are treated as if they were a client and a member of our family.

We currently are based out of Tampa, FL. We have been providing local services to many home and business users since 2008.

We are dedicated to providing support to all our clients within a reasonable time frame. We take tickets in a first come and first serve manner unless one should be marked as critical which receives first priority.

Our support team is also dedicated to being polite and working with you through any issues you may need help with and getting your needs met.

Every one of our administrators has been trained and take a great deal of joy in their work. Each is dedicated to what they do with a passion and works with you to resolve problems you may need resolved.

What we do

  • Remote Support and Management Services
  • 3rd Party Application Support
  • Computer Repair and maintenance Services
  • Networking Setup, Configuration and Security
  • Server Setup, Configuration and Security
  • Web Hosting and Design
  • Custom Solutions
  • Consulting

Our Leadership Team

Nick Menster

EMail: nickm@solidshellsecurity.com
Nick Menster is a talented individual with years in the field. When it comes to our clients, Nick makes sure to put them first in any instance. If you have any problems, never hesisitate to contact him!

Todd Martin

Head Developer / Educational Video Producer
EMail: todd.martin@solidshellsecurity.com
Dedicated to his jobs and desire to succeed and make the best better, Todd Martin has done a great job at creating several scripts and services that have made the lives of others easier. He is currently working on new and innovative scripts and ideas that help make the tech world a greater place and ours and other lives easier.

David Narankevicius

Head of On-Field Service Support
EMail: davidn@solidshellsecurity.com
David Narankevicius has been around the world providing dedicated IT and audio based support to several businesses and organizations. He currently works on the field with our other technicians helping small and medium businesses remain functional.