Quality Statement

Lets do it right. Simple and to the point. We don't believe in half quality jobs. We are going to do things right and get you moving on with your lives and success. We will evaluate every situation, map out a plan of success and walk you through it step by step so you fully understand the steps of quality and can appreciate our quality jobs just as much as we do.

Here at SolidShellSecurity you will find dedicated team members who enjoy what they do and are more then willing to work with and help you with your needs and meet your requirements.

We are a team of quality IT professionals who love what we do and put our heart in to our work and take great pride and pleasure in a well done job.

What we bring to your table


We shine. We keep troubles away and should an unexpected disaster strike, we are there and ready to fix and get you back and running.


We know the security threats out there. We do our own research and stay on top of the latest developments which allow us to keep you safe and secure.

Application Support

No matter what services or applications you use we will support and maintain them and keep them updated and secured. If you use it, we will learn it and fully support it.


We offer some of the most reliable and best backup systems out there. We ensure that all your e-mails and more are backed-up securely and safely in case of natural disasters.


Our remote management is secured with a double access system. This means that we remain in full control remotely while keeping everything safe. We also can allow your employees to have full access to their systems should you choose.


We know businesses are out to make money and pay their employees and their families, and because of our views, we keep our prices very reasonable and competitive while not sacrificing service.