Syn Deflate Automatic Script Installer

Syn Deflate is a tool designed to help stop and drop (d)DoS attacks on a server. The tool is fully automated and will help drop all types of attacks.

How does it work?

This script will automate the install process for you to install Syn Deflate. You will not have to manually edit or install or copy files. This is a sit back and let the script do the work for you script.

How do I run it?

Once installed the CRON job will run and monitor all in coming connections and if an attack happens, the IPs will be blocked and banned.

wget -v && chmod u+x && ./ --email EMAILHERE --conn 30

Advanced Options

-h --help ? : Display help information(this message)
-e --email email : Set e-mail used to send alerts
-c --conn ## : Number of connections to be considered a bad connection (default 30)
-b --ban <1,0> : Use CSF<1> or IPTables<0> to ban IPs (Default IPTables)
-t --time #### : How long should IPs remain banned?
-v --verbose : Turn on verbose mode to display all information (not implemented yet)
-d --debug : Turn on debug mode (not implemented yet)