/tmp /var/tmp /shm Automatic Script Securer

Tired of scripts being launched and exploited in /tmp? This script will automatically check and secure if needed.

How does it work?

This script will automate the install process for you so that your /tmp partitions are secure.

How do I run it?

You can follow the below CLI example to install the service. Just copy and paste the command in as root after typing in your email.

wget https://solidshellsecurity.com/_public/scripts/tmp_secure_install.sh -v && chmod u+x tmp_secure_install.sh && ./tmp_secure_install.sh

Advanced Options

-h --help ? : Display help information(this message)
-s --size SIZE : Set the size of the new partition
-v --verbose : Turn on verbose mode to display all information (not implemented yet)
-d --debug : Turn on debug mode (not implemented yet)